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Convenient Remote Starts & Keyless Entry

Keep your car safe with an auto security system from the brand names you know and trust. Safe-N-Sound Audio Systems of Adelphi, Maryland, also offers remote starts and keyless entry systems.

Female in Car - Remote Starts

Security Systems

Remote start systems allow you to start your car from the outside and control the interior temperature before you are even inside. Rest easy about the safety of your vehicle and its contents with our Viper, Python™, or Avital™ security systems, installed by our experts.

Protect your vehicle with the best security solutions in the industry, from car alarms to remote starters. We even have SmartStart security systems that help you start, locate, and control your car from your phone. We carry a full line of name-brand auto security systems, including: 
• Car Alarms • Remote Starting Systems • Security & Remote Starters • Keyless Entry • 1-Way & 2-Way Security Remotes

Let us install remote starts and keyless entry systems in your car to prevent theft.